Why not to buy likes and followers?

Having more likes for a page often gives you the confidence that your business is doing really great. But in order to get more people attracted to your page, you need not to buy likes and followers because the accounts that are used are often not active. You have options like shareyt you can help you get free likes and followers. These will be from real people and this way your customers will also trust you.

Sometimes when a page is not active for longer time, it is not ranked properly. You may get scared and start buying likes. Instead, invest in crowdsourcing by posting quality contents and making your customers get involved from time to time. If you are really out of ideas and want help to improve your social media page, you can seek help from shareyt.com who will help you get more views and make your customers involved in your page.


You can post an open-end conversation and ask your customers to come up answers. This way they and their friends will know about a page and your page will become popular. You need not to spend money on buying likes. It’s true that with more followers and likes, you can expect more to come but the only method to do so in not buying. You have options to get it done in free as well.

If you want to build a long and strong network in social media, you should start with true followers and not just deactivate accounts. Because buying can give you a boost in the starting it won’t be a permanent solution. You need advices from shareyt to how to continue being a social media sensation by posting quality contents and make your customers spread the word.