Revisit your retirement plan and savings accounts!

You must have already planned your retirement plan and put up the numbers together. With a beautiful lifestyle, good job and enough money to support your living – the future might seem purple too! But is it enough for you? Have you thought about your healthcare savings? Are future health expenses accounted for?

This is the era where the people have the most healthcare issues and the expenses for the treatment are only on a rise. In this regard the health savings account keeps the future secured by promising you a better investment.


Health saving retirement plan

Having a health savings account where you can invest periodically helps you gather enough money for your retirement. As the money is tax-deductible in these accounts and can be withdrawn only to a certain limit before retirement your money remains secured and locked for health expenses alone. It also allows you to optimize your health expenses and keep good track of your future expenses.

FDIC approved savings account

The HSA with is FDIC approved meaning the money and the interest earned on it are totally safeguarded for you. Whenever the time arises for you to make a withdrawal the money shall be easily available to you. This also helps you gain trust as the money they save are invested in good investment plans to offer you the best interest rates possible.

Future withdrawals

While the health savings account allows withdrawal of limited money during your healthy years it offers good respite of withdrawal during the retirement period. The plan insures that when you invest for health your money is kept safe for health alone. The tax expenses only incur when you spend more than your required amount.

Livelyme allows easy track of your health savings account through an application and mobile system. With paperless maintenance it’s the most reliable option to choose from!