Embracing those who have rectified their circumstances

There was no point in considering blacks as inferiors to the whites, and now there is no point in assuming that felons are inferior fellows of the society. For they have spent a few years in the prison does not make them morally corrupt people, but they are the morally correct people as they have gone through a process of internal humiliation that has strengthen them and provided way to complete their rehabilitation program. Their circumstances have been rectified, and their personal considerations regarding human relations have also been corrected. Therefore, they are as much free and liberal as all other nationals of the country, and thus are free to assume any job and support their own living cause.


For there may exist different stakeholders who are either directly or indirectly dependent over the person concerned, he must get a job to support the living purpose of all. But it is known that about 38 percent of the American organizations do not want to have felons working in their organizations as employees and therefore, their jobs proposals are rejected. But money comes to those who create opportunities for themselves, and as a matter of the fact there are still more than 60 percent of employers who are liberal enough to consider employment of felons in their organizations. A safer place can be found at http://www.felonfriendly.net/jobs-for-felons/ where all sorts of jobs are available for the felons. All the talents are served, and no wastage of human resource is done. Compromises are made, and a complete rehabilitation process is provided to the felons so that they can support themselves as well as those who have found their direct dependence over the felon. Therefore, the people who have rectified their circumstances are not always morally incorrect, as they are the purest forms of mental ideologies and can earn respect as well.